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Education- University

Our module developers are carefully selected university fellows. These are students who major/concentrate in public health, healthcare, and STEM fields and are driven to create change as they become Early in Career Professionals. We invite universities to partner with the Vaccination Equity Education Coalition, as our coursework is designed to work hand-in-hand with relevant subject matter. Capstone courses are also welcomed to collaborate with us, as the Vaccination Equity Education Coalition is designed to provide real-world research and education experience.

Education- Middle School/High School:

Our curriculum is designed for middle/high school aged youth to explore vaccination awareness, the importance of receiving vaccinations, and the history of vaccine development. Our university fellows create the modules, while our curriculum is utilized in the classroom by the teachers/administration that are involved. You can use your style of teaching, along with your relevant course matter, to engage your students in the modules! The end goal is for middle and high school students to be viewed as vaccine ambassadors. We invite middle schools and high schools to take part in having their students receive curriculum on vaccines that is taught to them in ways they can enjoy.

Community Engagement:

    The Vaccine Equity Education Coalition is a collaborative effort designed to build Vaccines Confidence across communities

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